Bill Greason – When I got 2 strikes on ya’ … I’d wave bye’ bye’

The short time I was able to spend with Rev. Greason left me wanting to ask more questions and hear more of his stories, but the purpose of my visit was over, and I needed to be on my way. I realize the short time I spent with Rev. Greason was probably with one of many people he meets every day, but I will always appreciate his time and his willingness to tell me stories: funny, interesting and insightful stories, along with stories that are difficult to hear but none the less should be told.

Jim Hickman – Yeah … they’d call me Hick!

Mr. Hickman had some great stories I know you’ll enjoy reading. If you know someone who is thinking about starting to chew tobacco, you must tell them what happened to Mr. Hickman when he decided to chew tobacco in a game for the first … and last time. For the older fans, you probably remember the 1970 All-star game when Pete Rose collided with Ray Fosse to score the winning run … Well, it was Mr. Hickman that got the game-winning hit that scored Rose. You will not believe the day he had before the game; he was just lucky to be there.

I Authored a Book!

Maybe its because this is something I did, but honestly, there are some great stories to read. Eventually, I will post segments of the audio on this website. There is nothing better than hearing a Hall of Famer laughing about buying baseball cards and never throwing the bubblegum away; he just added to the wad he chewed and stored it on his window sill at night.

So the question is … who is in the book? Below is the list.

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