My First Game at Sportsman’s Park, by Monte Cely

And there he was, Blasingame playing second base for the Cards!  Next to him on the infield was Stan Musial, playing first base.  As a 7-year-old, I didn’t know all the players yet, but I sure recognized Blasingame and Musial.

Fergie Jenkins – A Baseball Hall of Famer with a Hockey Player’s Mind

His favorite sport growing up was hockey. As a defenseman, Fergie wasn’t afraid of getting into a scrap or two.  During one such game, the local baseball scout that turned Fergie into a pitcher attended his hockey game and wanted to know one thing, “why are you so violent?” and Fergie’s response, “because I’ve got to protect my goalie!”

1st (and only) Little League Homerun!!! by Kelly G. Park

As my second turn to bat rolled around and I settled into the batter’s box, my only goal was to make contact and get on base. As I waited for a good pitch to hit, Jeff let a fastball go, and I swung, not a hard swing, just a smooth easy swing of the bat.

Jim Kaat – The Radio Brought Him Gold!

Jim knew he wanted to be a baseball player by the time he was seven-years-old, and he made sure everyone in his family knew that was his dream, but what he heard back was, “Too bad that he’s so small.” Fortunately, Jim had the desire to learn and compete. So, how did he learn to play the game of baseball, by going out and playing, it didn’t matter if there were only two of his friends around or enough for an actual game, they were out there playing and having fun.

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