The Baseball Bucket List Podcast

Kelly G. Park is a Cardinals fan from Western Kentucky, and the author of a two-volume book set Just Like Me: When the Pros Played on the Sandlot. We chat about favorite baseball memories, bucket list items, and what it’s like to sit down and talk with greatness.

Grandma Thinks Joe Pepitone is Cute!!!

“Wait a minute, what did I just hear my Grandma say?” “Did she say Joe Pepitone was cute?” In the eight years of my life, I had never heard Grandma say anything like that … did I really hear her say Joe Pepitone was cute?

My coaches taught me R.E.S.P.E.C.T. by Robert Story

In my eyes, Coach Homan never gave the impression that he wanted to be acknowledged for anything other than being Dennis Homan. He was an honest man who wanted to treat everyone else as he would want to be treated. I tried to emulate Coach Homan in youth due to the respect that I saw other people had for him. He taught me about teamwork, giving it your all every time that you competed, and respecting your opponent.

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